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When you decide to pick a HVAC college program, the first thing that you must find out is that your preferred destination college you have selected is an accredited one. This is an extremely important factor, as it means that the training program provided will be at the required standard specified by approved HVAC organizations.

The most prominent accrediting agencies for HVAC training programs is the NCCEA, the Partnership for Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration, HVAC Excellence, North American Technician Excellence and Research, Environmental Protection Agency, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. You need to select that has a minimum of at least one accreditation.

It is also important to try and find small class numbers, because then you will get personalized help from the program teachers. A good HVAC college will also have an on-campus science lab with professional-grade tools. Visit the campus and get a feel of the place, the instruction rooms, the overall facilities offered and talk to the faculty, if they are available. You should also find out if they provide any flexibility in time-managing classes for employed students, and how you might go about researching financial aid, if you might need it.

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Career Opportunity POSITION TITLE: WEATHERIZATION TECHNICIAN (16 V switch/install low flow showerheads and aerators, window/glass replacement, install compact fluorescent light bulbs, HVAC, plumbing, gas lines, gas appliances and water heaters.

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Career; Download; News; Marquardt Worldwide. Marquardt Group; Marquardt Germany; Marquardt puts at your disposal many years of experience in switch, sensor and controls design in support of building and HVAC equipment needs.

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HVAC Career. Rising energy costs coupled with increased awareness of environmental issues could potentially mean more work for qualified HVAC technicians to modernize and retrofit existing systems.

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HVAC career courses could be your stepping stone to a rewarding HVAC career with much potential for progress can help aspiring HVAC technicians reach maximum career potential. A career switch to HVAC technologies is great for anyone who enjoys working with their hands with minimal work

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In order to become a HVAC technician it is not necessary that you have to belong to the same field. You may shift from your usual career field and then switch to HVAC for better job opportunities as well as better salary.

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